10% Council Tax rise on the cards

Telford & Wrekin Council earlier this year conducted a consultation with the electorate for ideas on reducing the council’s deficit. One option they propose was an increase of max of 2.5% in the council tax along with other action. Local UKIP members have now been given on good authority the information that the Labour group running the council are proposing a 10% increase in council tax for 2013/14 not the promised 2.5%.

Another item that the Labour group failed to inform the public about is that when they moved into Darby House in the town centre they signed a 99 year lease with an annual rent of £500,000 with increases each year based upon inflation and a clause which states they may not transfer the lease to another party and that TWC are responsible for both the internal and external maintenance of the building for the length of the lease.

They claimed immediately they took office that the public had requested via a consultation document that the sale of the civic headquarters be cancelled and the £10m contract be scrapped at considerable cost to TWC. Following that they have now purchased Addenbrooke House which is adjacent to Darby House for their staff.

TWC Labour group also when they took office changed to being a ‘Cooperative Council’. This resulted in several tons of headed paper having to be shredded and new printed – another waste of money. The Labour candidates when the election was called in 2010 promised to get the pot holes in the roads of the borough filled – many areas are still awaiting for this to be done. Where there are UKIP councillors on Parish Councils this work and other road safety work is being done showing that UKIP councillors do get on with what is required unlike Labour.

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2 comments on “10% Council Tax rise on the cards
  1. Andy says:

    Don’t forget that according to survey by the council earlier this year, residents would be happy with an increase in council tax.


    I wonder how many respondents were people who don’t pay council tax, Unison members, council workers and party members?

    Who votes for a tax increase when another option is to get more cash from central funds, as the govt will contribute more money to local councils providing they don’t put tax up? Madness!

    Now that even people who don’t currently pay council tax may well be asked to contribute, I would imagine there are ‘what are we going to do now’ questions being asked.

    • The question asked made the answer a foregone conclusion – do you want small increases now or no increase now and a big increase in a year or two. No option for no increase now and no increase in the next year or two either. Labour or Tories, it makes no difference. All they know how to do is spend other peoples’ money, they have no ambition.

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