Month: October 2012

Cameron defeated on EU budget

David Cameron has suffered an embarrassing defeat on the EU budget after MPs voted in favour of an amendment put forward by Tory rebels to decrease the EU budget. Cameron was in favour of freezing it at best. Oxfordshire Tory

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Telford & Wrekin Council overspend by £4.4m

The Labour administration at Telford & Wrekin have overspent by £4.4m in just one year, having to spend two thirds of the contingency money in the council’s budget to balance the books. The Tory leader, Andrew Eade, asked Labour what

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Cutting the number of councillors isn’t enough

Leader of Telford Conservatives, Cllr Andrew Eade, has called for the number of councillors in the borough to be reduced from 54 to 44.  A spokesman for Telford Labour (presumably Cllr Shaun Davies) says that it would reduce representation and

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Police Commissioner Elections

Later this year we will have the first elections for Police and Crime Commissioners in England.  There is currently no UKIP candidate for the job for West Mercia Police but Labour and the Conservatives have announced a candidate each who

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