Month: November 2012

Jiggers Bank landslide

A landslide has closed Jiggers Bank overnight, just a fortnight after the road was closed for safety inspections and repairs. A number of residents contacted the council’s out of hours emergency number to report the landslide which has left the

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Signs of retinal detachment

UKIP Telford & Wrekin Submission to the LBGCE on councillor numbers Introduction The Conservative group secured a vote at full council in January 2011 to make a request to the Boundary Commission for a review of the borough’s electoral arrangements.

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Labour Councillor accuses UKIP members of xenophobia

Labour Councillor Mike Ion posted the following comment on Twitter this afternoon: Ukip members and supporters may well be right wing xenophobes but this doesn't mean they can't be loving parents or foster parents — Mike Ion (@MikeIon) November 24,

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Independent Bill Longmore elected as Police & Crime Commissioner

Now the Police & Crime Commissioner elections are over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief at the news that the independent candidate, Bill Longmore, beat the two party candidates to become the first (and hopefully last) West Mercia

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Telford Town Park play equipment contract put to EU-wide tender

It is often said by the filed old parties that UKIP is irrelevant at a local level because it’s nothing to do with the EU. UKIP is about far more than the EU of course – the party has a

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