Month: February 2014

People power saves the Gower

Deputy Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, Richard Overton, is claiming the credit for the council withdrawing its plans to knock down the Gower in St George and build houses and a supermarket in its place despite admitting it was

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Ironbridge Flooding

I went down to Ironbridge earlier to check out the flooding and the flood defences. Even though the flood defences are up and the shops and houses along the Wharfage are protected, there are still plenty of people down there

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RSH discharging amputee Telford councillor with nowhere to go

As many people will know, Cllr Ray Knight has been battling with a severe infection in his foot which cut off the blood supply to his leg and foot.  The doctors did everything they could but sadly it was necessary

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Stop translating and start interpreting

It’s not often we find ourselves agreeing with the Tories but their call for translation services to be cut is sensible, albeit with a few question marks over how far they would take it. There is no reason why someone

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The Lords have killed David Cameron’s EU referendum bill

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