Electoral Commission decide to keep 54 councillors

Telford & Wrekin Council don’t seem to have mentioned the outcome of the Electoral Commission’s review of boundaries in the borough, not do the Electoral Commission themselves but a decision has been made.

The Conservative group had requested a decrease in the number of borough councillors in Telford of 10 whilst the Labour group wanted to keep all 54 carriages on the gravy train. We supported both proposals with conditions – that 44 councillors would be fine with a major transfer of power to parish councils and that 54 councillors could provide value for money if they took a 50% cut in allowances and abolished the post of Managing Director/Chief Executive.

The Labour group lobbied the electoral commission intensively, with individual councillors making their own submissions on the orders of their whip (the person who tells them how to vote) and voluntary groups and trade unions campaigning for no change. They were successful in convincing the Electoral Commission not to change the number of councillors and our reasonable recommendations will no doubt be ignored by councillors, many of whom have turned being a councillor into a full time career rather than a public duty.

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