West Mercia Police admit covering up child abuse in Telford

West Mercia police have admitted to wrongly recording reports of grooming and talking down the scale of the problem in Telford & Wrekin.

Telford Street Pastors have reported instances of men grooming drunk teenagers, trying to get into children’s discos, circling teenage party venues in cars and selling drugs to teenagers but the police haven’t been following the reports up.

The council produced its report into Child Sexual Exploitation in May and despite having more than double the ratio of child sex crime reports to population than Rotherham and Rochdale – 15 reports per 10,000 people compared to 6.4 for Rotherham and Rochdale – they assured us that the situation was in hand. Clearly it isn’t and West Mercia Police’s admission that it was been fiddling the figures could mean that the problem is even bigger than reported.

This is certainly not a statistic to be proud of and the arrest and conviction of a muslim paedophile gang in Telford three years ago should have meant the police were on the lookout for more of the same, not covering it up.

The council’s report also made specific mention of the fact that the majority of people accused of child abuse in Telford & Wrekin were white (but no indication of whether that’s white British, eastern European, etc). Would the report have made specific reference to the alleged perpetrators being black or asian if that was the case? In the aftermath of Rotherham we would hope so but it is unlikely and with West Mercia Police’s false reporting of the problem do they even know what the truth is?

Questions have to be answered. Why are the police covering up child sexual exploitation? Who is responsible for this sickening child abuse? What is the true extent of the problem? Are the council also involved in the cover up? Who is responsible for covering it up and when and how will they be punished?

If you have concerns about the safety of a child you can contact Telford & Wrekin Council. You can find contact details, including an out of hours emergency number, on the CSE page of the Telford & Wrekin Council website.

Seven men were convicted of child abuse in Telford in 2013

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Labour’s cabinet member for finance on the borough council is under investigation by his party for not supporting Jeremy Corbyn in their leadership election.

Cllr Lee Carter is supporting Owen Smith to take over as leader of the Labour Party. If he became prime minister, Owen Smith said he would overturn last month’s referendum result and force another referendum.

Labour Party members have made a complaint about Cllr Carter attending meetings of both South Telford and Wellington branches of the Labour Party on the same night where he may have voted to support Owen Smith twice. Cllr Carter says he is being punished for not supporting far left candidate Corbyn who Telford and Wrekin Labour officially support. Jeremy Corybn is the trade union candidate and a large number of Labour councillors in Telford & Wrekin are sponsored by the unions.

Other political parties have a whipping system where the party employs people to bully their elected representatives into voting how the party wants them to and punishes them for not toeing the line. This whipping system even extends to parish and town councils where local councillors are expected to do what someone in a regional office or London decides. UKIP doesn’t have a whip at any level in the party so elected representatives are free to vote how they see fit on any matter as long as they don’t bring the party into disrepute.

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2 for 1 membership

To celebrate the massive Leave vote in Telford & Wrekin we are offering 2-for-1 membership for 63 days – one day for each percentage of Telford & Wrekin that voted to Leave. That’s just £5 each for the first year when two new members join together. Offer ends August 25th 2016.

Click here to join.

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Over the past few months I’ve walked miles, delivered thousands of leaflets to thousands of homes, stood out in the rain and the sunshine talking to passers by, handed out leaflets and discovered parts of Telford I didn’t even know existed. All to try and give people the facts they need to make the right decision in tomorrow’s EU referendum.

Twenty years ago I was on the other side – a Labour voter who supported the EU, supported mass immigration and thought the UK should join the €uro. A healthy dose of real life helped me to see sense and I’ve been firmly in the leave camp for a long time.

We are the world’s 5th largest economy, the EU’s largest export market, the world’s 5th strongest military power, one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and the centre of world finance. We may be small in size but we are a global economy, military and trading power.

We will not just survive but thrive outside of the EU. Our future is not shackled to a rapidly declining, bankrupt economic and political bloc but looking to the rest of the world, tapping into emerging markets and regaining our place as a global trading nation.

Don’t be fooled by snake oil salesmen telling you that we can reform the EU from within, it is unreformable. Don’t listen to the wormtongues telling you that we’re not good enough to make it on our own. This is our one and only chance to get out of the EU and regain our freedom. I urge you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and vote Leave and make 23rd June our independence day.

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Voter registration closes today

You have until the end of today to register to vote or you won’t be able to vote to leave the EU. If you haven’t already received your polling card through the post you’re not registered.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to take back control of our country.

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Campaigning in Southwater with UKIP Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall

UKIP’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, came to Telford today to help the campaign to leave the EU.

Between 25 and 30 UKIP supporters, Conservatives and others with no party political links spent about four hours in Southwater handing out leaflets, badges, pens, balloons and car stickers to members of the public and talked to them about the referendum. Once again the vast majority are in favour of leaving the EU.

We had a great response from the people who were attending the Grace & Faith Conference at Telford International Centre, many of which were telling us that they were praying for us to leave the EU. And as we’ve seen everywhere else in Telford, women and minorities are just as likely to vote to leave the EU as white men.

Southwater Vote Leave campaigning with Paul Nuttall and Jill Seymour

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Labour’s Project Fear tour bus pulls in just 22 members for photo shoot with their deputy leader!

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, came to Telford on their Project Fear bus on Saturday to tell people that they should vote to stay in the EU.

Embarrassingly for them Tom Watson only managed to pull in 22 Labour activists – most of them councillors – and one Tory councillor. We had about 20 volunteers in Dawley and Malinslee manning the Vote Leave table and delivering leaflets door to door with no “celebrity” guest, no shiny new bus and no photographer the same as every weekend.

Labour bring Project Fear to Southwater

We were in Dawley manning a Vote Leave table with some Conservatives next to the bandstand when we heard that Project Fear had paid a flying visit to Southwater so four of our volunteers made their way over with a box of Vote Leave leaflets to see what was going on. In the half an hour or so it took for word to get to us and to get down to Southwater the Project Fear team had all had their photo taken by the Shropshire Star and disappeared leaving the Tory councillor (who we won’t name to save him from embarrassment) and a scary lady on their own to push leaflets into the hands of disinterested and sometimes hostile passers-by.

When we started handing leaflets out in Southwater it was obvious why the Labour contingent had all disappeared. People were screwing up the BSE (that’s Britain Stronger in Europe, not mad cow’s disease … although that could explain why they think the EU is a good thing) leaflets and throwing them away or even ripping them up when they realised what they were. The reception we got was far more positive – we’re seeing consistently 8 out of 10 people wherever we go telling us they’re going to vote to leave and those who are unsure soon make their minds up when they find out that the EU’s TTIP treaty with the United States will lead to the privatisation of the NHS and other public services.

Public opinion in Telford is overwhelmingly against the EU and the people we’re talking to are motivated and determined to have their say. We are expecting a good turnout in Telford and a convincing victory over Project Fear but there are still a lot of people that haven’t had a leaflet through their door yet. If you want to help the local Vote Leave team get the message out please contact our Vote Leave co-ordinator, Prednisone taper.

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It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of former councillor, John Sadler, last week.

John was an independent councillor for many years and was mayor of Telford & Wrekin from 2005-06. In February 2013 John decided to join UKIP whilst sitting as a parish councillor for Ercall Magna, becoming the fifth UKIP councillor in the borough at the time.

John was wheelchair-bound from an early age due to an illness he contracted when he was younger but he was fiercely independent and represented the community for many years on the borough council and Ercall Magna parish council. John’s son-in-law Nigel was always by his side and it is thanks to the support that he got from his family that John was able to live a full and independent life.

John Sadler

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PRH issued a black alert this week

The Princess Royal Hospital issued a black alert this week which means that so many people arrived in A&E they didn’t have enough staff or beds to cope with demand.

Hospital management have refused to comment on the event or on the suggestion that a similar alert was issued at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. News of the black alert at the PRH was leaked by a whistleblower.

The PRH4Me campaign launched by Telford & Wrekin Council which is campaigning for a single hospital in Telford is dangerous because it accepts the principle of there being just one A&E hospital for the whole of Shropshire. The known black alert at the PRH and probable alert at the RSH this week is incontrovertible evidence that Shropshire needs two A&E hospitals and that closing one of them will put lives at risk.

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The three remaining Telford secondary schools taken off the TCMAT trust last year when all four of their schools were judged to be failing by OFSTED have all struggled to fill places.

  • Telford Langley School (formerly the Phoenix Academy) in Dawley has 180 places for new starters in September but only 105 places have been applied for.
  • Telford Park School (formerly Lakeside Academy and before that, the Lord Silkin School) in Stirchley has 120 places for new starters in September but only 77 places have been applied for.
  • Telford Priory School (a result of the merger of the former Wrockwardine Wood Arts Academy and Sutherland Co-operative Academy) in Wrockwardine Wood has 240 places for new starters in September but only 226 have been applied for.

Telford & Wrekin Council had two directors on the board of the TCMAT trust at the time the schools were ruled inadequate by OFSTED but both of them resigned when the going got tough. The Department for Education described the council’s involvement with the schools as “unusual”, as did the Education Funding Agency.

In our local manifesto last year we said that we would aim to be the first local authority in the country to take all schools out of LEA control. We believe that the best people to run schools are headteachers, not council officers or councillors. The British government obviously believes that same thing because today they’ve announced that all English schools will be forced to become academies and move out of LEA control.

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