Cameron defeated on EU budget

David Cameron has suffered an embarrassing defeat on the EU budget after MPs voted in favour of an amendment put forward by Tory rebels to decrease the EU budget. Cameron was in favour of freezing it at best.

Oxfordshire Tory MP, Tony Baldry, led the charge for the government telling MPs they should get behind the party and not support a cut in the EU budget – “get a grip and start supporting the prime minister”. Another Tory MP, Bernard Jenkin, said “the last thing we want is to wreck the EU”.

EU Budget vote

The Tory MP for the Wrekin, Mark Pritchard, was one of the MPs leading the opposition.  He likes to think he’s a rebel but he’s part of the problem – another MP towards Cameron’s majority.  It doesn’t matter how eurosceptic Mark Pritchard or any other Conservative MP think they are, while they support a pro-EU party like the Conservatives they’re helping to keep in the EU.

The vote is non-binding so Cameron will support an increased EU budget anyway but at least he’s had a bloody nose.

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