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The Prime Minister, Theresa May, yesterday delivered what was probably the most important speech on Brexit since the referendum. In her speech Theresa May set out what the British government wants to get out of Brexit. For a Remain supporter it

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Red Jez wins Labour Party leadership for second time

Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, ensuring their continued decline into electoral oblivion. Red Jez has long-standing associations with Irish republican terrorists and used to describe convicted IRA terrorists as prisoners of war. He wants to abolish

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The three remaining Telford secondary schools taken off the TCMAT trust last year when all four of their schools were judged to be failing by OFSTED have all struggled to fill places. Telford Langley School (formerly the Phoenix Academy) in Dawley

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Telford could lose direct rail connection to London because of HS2

The Technical Director of HS2, Andrew McNaughton, has confirmed that direct rail connections to London on the West Coast Main Line will be reduced. Once HS2 (or the UK leg of the European Integrated Network to give it its proper name) is built,

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Douglas Carswell is UKIP’s first elected MP

Douglas Carswell has won the Clacton by-election for UKIP by a huge margin, increasing his majority and becoming UKIP’s first elected MP. John Bickley came unbelievably close to unseating Labour in the Heywood & Middleton by-election, falling short by just

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Douglas Carswell MP defects to UKIP

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell has defected to UKIP this morning and is resigning his seat to trigger a by-election. The Clacton seat that Carswell represents until he appointed a Crown officer (the legal loophole used to resign as an MP

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David Cameron’s utter humiliation

The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, has been appointed president of  the EU Commission. David Cameron made a big noise about opposing Juncker’s appointment in an attempt to convince people of his eurosceptic credentials. He even said at one point

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Nigel Farage urges the public to join the people’s army

Nigel Farage appeared in his second debate with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg last night and showed the Deputy Prime Minister why UKIP is going to win the EU elections this year and storm into Westminster in next year’s general

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[Poll] Should MPs have second jobs? (updated)

The Daily Telegraph have been running a 5 month sting on Mark Pritchard, the Conservative MP for the Wrekin.  They had an undercover reporter pose as an Indian hotel investor who was looking for somewhere to build hotels and wanted Mark Pritchard

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TSB Bank is coming to Telford

One of the Lloyds TSB branches in Telford Town Centre and the branches in Walker Street, Wellington and Albrighton High Street are being re-branded as TSB this week as part of an EU-mandated break up of the bank. When the

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