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Shropshire Star survey finds increase in support for leaving the EU

Despite being shared around pro-EU activist groups, a survey on the Shropshire Star website has found that support for leaving the EU has increased since the referendum. Shropshire – and Telford & Wrekin in particular – was one of the most eurosceptic

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Future Fit board recommend closing Telford’s A&E and Women & Children’s Centre

The Future Fit board have voted to recommend the A&E and Women & Children’s Centre in Telford are closed and relocated to Shrewsbury as they always intended to do. Telford has always played second fiddle to Shrewsbury where anything county-wide is concerned

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The English Defence League (EDL) are planning a protest march in Wellington on November 5th. The EDL held a protest in Wellington in 2011 which passed without any real trouble. Shops were boarded up, a football match was cancelled and

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A woman has attempted to abduct a school pupil outside Hadley Learning Community this week according to police reports. There is no description of the woman but she was reportedly driving a grey or silver car and tried to convince a child to

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Campaigners claim decision has been made to close A&E at Telford

NHS campaigners are claiming to have seen evidence that both the A&E service and the £28m women’s centre at the Princess Royal Hospital are to be closed and relocated to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. If the claims are true this is

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UKIP has secured another council seat in Telford and Wrekin, after Peter Roberts was elected to Hollinswood and Randlay parish council. Mr Roberts, who lives and works in Telford, made national headlines back in 2007 when more than one million people signed

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West Mercia Police admit covering up child abuse in Telford

West Mercia police have admitted to wrongly recording reports of grooming and talking down the scale of the problem in Telford & Wrekin. Telford Street Pastors have reported instances of men grooming drunk teenagers, trying to get into children’s discos,

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Labour’s cabinet member for finance on the borough council is under investigation by his party for not supporting Jeremy Corbyn in their leadership election. Cllr Lee Carter is supporting Owen Smith to take over as leader of the Labour Party. If

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2 for 1 membership

To celebrate the massive Leave vote in Telford & Wrekin we are offering 2-for-1 membership for 63 days – one day for each percentage of Telford & Wrekin that voted to Leave. That’s just £5 each for the first year

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Labour’s Project Fear tour bus pulls in just 22 members for photo shoot with their deputy leader!

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, came to Telford on their Project Fear bus on Saturday to tell people that they should vote to stay in the EU. Embarrassingly for them Tom Watson only managed to pull in 22

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