Cllr Hoof slams local Labour Council

Cllr Thomas Hoof has slammed Labour ran Telford & Wrekin Council, for selling their souls to Birmingham.

Cllr Hoof, who led UKIP Telford & Wrekin through the elections, slammed the council for “Selling their souls to Birmingham Town Hall”

Labour Councillors are to announce plans to join the “West Midlands Combined Authority/Super Council” this afternoon.

The day before Cllr Hoof was set to ask the question whether they would join the Combined Authority, as a registered question at Telford & Wrekin Full Council Meeting at TCAT.

Cllr Thomas HoofCllr Hoof added:

“We will no longer have true localism in Telford & Wrekin and instead we will be controlled by Birmingham Town Hall, who will dominate the combined authority”

“Our local Labour Councillors are being huge hypocrites by selling us out to Birmingham, whilst at the same time attacking the Conservatives for wanting to merge Shropshire County Council”

“When will any of our politicians learn that Telford & Wrekin Council should and must stay as an independent Council”

“We set to gain nothing by joining the Super Council,  the only people that I can see benefiting is the Councillors and their allowances.”

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