Cllr Jill Seymour explains why women should vote for UKIP

Cllr Jill Seymour tells Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman why she is wrong to say UKIP is a boy’s club and why women should vote for the party.

Cllr Jill SeymourAs an experienced UKIP member for over 12 years I have never heard such waffle. Yes we need to stand up and be forthright with our comments and drive. Cathy Newman’s comments are off the wall, and ill-thought. I was made chairman within months of my membership then made regional chairman, then on to the National Executive Committee for UKIP followed by a further term.

So Cathy, UKIP encourages women from all walks of life and recognises the strengths and common sense views we can offer. We have excellent candidates in Diane James , Jane Collins, Margot Parker and so many others that it shows we are not in the ‘boys’ club’ – far from it, the numbers of women in the party, of incredible calibre, is growing. So Cathy, stop talking utter nonsense and actually speak to women like us.

I have so many female friends who have never voted in their lives, who now relate to UKIP . They state we are straight talking, have common sense values and actually listen to the public. My recent meeting with the Young Independence members highlights this, with outstanding intellectual female and male members who are our future.

You can read more responses from UKIP women on the UKIP website.

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