Cllr Jill Seymour tops West Midlands MEP shortlist

Cllr Jill Seymour has made the final shortlist for the 2014 EU Parliament elections.

Cllr Jill SeymourAt the last EU elections in 2009 UKIP had two MEPs elected in the West Midlands out of 13 in England and Wales and we are widely expected to be even more successful in 2014.

In local and national elections in England we vote for a person, not for a party but for EU elections parties put forward lists of candidates and we vote for the party.  UKIP members who want to be on that list are vetted and assessed and the membership votes to decide where the candidates appear on the list.  The higher up the list the more chance they have of being elected.

Jill was ranked 16th out of 60 the candidates on the English shortlist and first on the West Midlands shortlist following the assessments.

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