Cuts? What cuts?

Despite all the talk of “government cuts” at Telford & Wrekin Council as an excuse for poor service, there seems to be a bottomless pit of money to pay obscene salaries.

Advert for Assistant Director of Children's Safeguarding at £74-87kLast year the council’s Chief Executive also did the job of Director of Childrens’ Services alongside his day job.  This year the council pays someone £109,600 to do it.  Last year there was no Assistant Director of Childrens’ Services, this week the council advertised for an Assistant Director of Childrens’ Services on a salary of between £74,220 to £82,304 plus expenses. That’s almost £200k for two jobs that didn’t even exist last year.

We’ll be told that this post is a legal requirement and to think of the children.  It was made a legal requirement in the Children’s Act 2004 but nowhere does it say the holder of the post has to do it full time, hence the Chief Executive doing it part time until last year and despite not devoting his full attention to the job, there were no tragedies like that of Baby P in Haringey or anything even remotely similar.

Five council employees get paid more than government ministers, three of which are paid more than David Cameron yet services are being cut because (we are told) there is no money because of “government cuts”.  Well here’s a suggestion: how about making some more cuts in salaries?  The person who came up with the idea of paying nearly £200k a year for two people to do a job that the Chief Executive did part time last year is a good place to start.

UKIP Telford & Wrekin’s policy is to cap senior staff salaries at the Assistant Director pay grade which attracts a maximum of around £97k a year and salaries for senior pay grades would be adjusted proportionately.  We want the people running the council to choose the council because they want to serve the public – that’s why they’re called public servants after all – not because they want to become millionaires at the taxpayers expense.

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