Dawley By-election Results

The people of Dawley voted for more Labour councillors on Thursday for both the borough and parish council but we gave them a good run for their money.

Ryan Laing Dawley Leaflet FrontUKIP haven’t stood in Dawley before so we were starting from nothing with a new member and a new set of policies specifically written for Dawley with the help of our candidate, Ryan Laing and Cllr Choudhary who recently defected from TAWPA to UKIP and sits on Great Dawley Parish Council.  We went from zero to 17.5% for the borough council and 36.8% for the parish council.  Not winning either seat was of course disappointing but whichever way you look at it, they are respectable vote shares for a ward we have never contested before that has been dominated by Labour for years.

The Labour candidate for the borough council seat arrogantly claimed there was “no competition” but Labour councillors and activists put an unprecedented amount of effort into attacking UKIP and even drafted in an MP from Birmingham to knock doors for them and members of Labour’s youth wing from far and wide to knock doors all day yesterday to make sure people went out and voted for them.  We had them worried and with good reason – 17.5% for the borough council and 36.8% for the parish council is a solid base to build our presence in Dawley from and we aim to end Labour’s stranglehold on Dawley at the next election and prevent the Tories from gaining from Labour’s incompetence at the same time.

Council tax demands will be going out to Dawley residents soon and we would advise anyone interested in how their money is being spent to see how much of the parish council’s reserves are being used in 2013/14 to keep the parish precept below the 5% trigger where their spending plans would have to be scrutinised.  Labour are spending a lot more money than they’ve got and at some point in the near future they’re going to have emptied the bank accounts and Dawley residents are going to have to put their hands in their pockets to pay the bills.

But back to yesterday’s election.  It was disappointing not to win of course but we aren’t so naive as to think that Labour’s reign in Dawley would be brought to a swift end.  We gave the people of Dawley the opportunity to vote for change and most of them chose more of the same but that’s democracy for you – it doesn’t always make sense!  We are encouraged by the share of the vote Ryan got and we look forward to doubling it in 2014.  Thank you to everyone who voted UKIP in this by-election, your support is appreciated.

The final results were:


Jane Pinter
957 (53.1%)
Alan Edward Scott
379 (21.3%)
Ryan Laing
312 (17.5%)
Angela Jordan
126 (7.1%)


Ian Campbell
584 (63.2%)
Ryan Laing
341 (36.8%)

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