Don’t vote for a party, vote for policies

Since we published our local policies for Dawley yesterday (a bit late in the day but we wanted to get them right) they have been pored over by Labour councillors who have responded with predictable negativity and half hearted attempts to discredit them.

We have been asked by Councillor Davies who would pay for an Aqueduct Local Plan and whether Dawley Hamlets Parish Council have agreed to creating one.  Councillor Davies should know how local plans work as they’re statutory documents and he’s not only a parish and borough councillor but a lawyer as well.  For Councillor Davies’ benefit and for anyone else who is unsure how they work, they are statutory plans developed by parish councils in conjunction with local residents and organisations.  Local plans can cover pretty much any area and span multiple parishes or wards in full or in part.  They are extremely flexible documents and allow local communities to influence the development of their local area.

Councillor Davies also asked which Labour councillors were on the committee of Dawley Social Club when the Labour-controlled council sold the club to the committee for a fraction of its value.  We would respectfully suggest that all councillors and the council itself should have carried out due diligence before selling the property and that all councillors should be aware of the facts themselves.  We don’t intend to prejudice any potential investigation by commenting further.

Councillor Davies has also asked where we would site Dawley market.  We would like to see a weekly street market return to the High Street and with the traffic control measures we have suggested for Dawley High Street this would be extremely easy to manage.

Labour councillors have also been trying to once again suggest some sort of “stitch up” between UKIP and TAWPA but won’t elaborate on what the “stitch up” is supposed to be.  Councillor Davies has previously said that TAWPA no longer exists to all intents and purposes but has today suggested that TAWPA are driving our interest in Dawley – we asked him to make his mind up whether TAWPA was dead and gone or alive and kicking but he didn’t respond.  As we have said previously, TAWPA is still registered with the Electoral Commission and as far as we’re aware they’re still ticking along but we’re no more aware of their internal affairs as we are of any other party and there is no form of affiliation between the two parties.

We have tried to stick with positive messages during this election campaign but have been constantly sucked into Labour’s negative campaigning.  It’s disappointing as there are some good, hard working people in the local Labour Party who sadly end up getting tarred with the same brush because of the activities of some of their colleagues who are clearly very worried about Ryan Laing‘s prospects tomorrow.

We publish our local manifesto for Telford & Wrekin all year round, not just when there’s an election and we’re working on local policies for every part of the borough starting with the Dawley policies we published yesterday.  Labour and the Conservatives ask you to vote for them on the strength of their name alone but we ask you to vote for UKIP Telford & Wrekin on the strength of our policies.

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