Dothill by-election

A vacancy has arisen to represent the Dothill ward on Wellington Town Council following the death of Cllr Lesley Street in December.

Denis Allen

Former mayor of Wellington and deputy mayor of Telford & Wrekin, Denis Allen, has been selected as the UKIP candidate for the election on 28th March.

The Dothill ward is quite unique as Cllr Street was a Conservative whilst the other two councillors are Labour and Lib Dem.  Clearly the people of Dothill recognise the importance of voting for the right person rather than dividing along party lines which is why we are confident that they will find Denis Allen the best candidate.

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2 comments on “Dothill by-election
  1. patricia smyth says:

    I am unimpressed by the lack of information regarding the Wellington by-election. So far the only information I have had is a leaflet pushed throughh my door from the Conservative Party and a copy of Focus which I had to request from the Liberal candidate.
    I know there is much apathy about elections but I do think that candidates should make more of an effort if they want the support of the people they hope to represent.
    I would like to know your plans for Wellington should you be elected.

  2. Hi Patricia,

    You will find details of Denis Allen’s plans for Dothill here.

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