Further claims of bullying made against Lucy Allan

Further revelations have emerged about how Lucy Allan treats her staff with a former employee claiming that they were refused time off to take their terminally ill grandfather to hospital for chemotherapy and another claiming she was branded “lazy” for taking maternity leave.

The fresh accusations appeared in the press over the weekend with Allan reportedly telling a staff member who asked for time off to take their terminally ill grandfather for chemotherapy “I don’t give a shit about your dying grandfather” and some of her colleagues reporting that she is regularly heard screaming and shouting at her staff in the corridors of Westminster. She has lost four members of staff since the election in May.

Lucy has responded by leaving “intimidating” messages for former members of staff warning them not to breach the confidentiality clauses in their contracts whilst Telford Conservatives have written to her former campaign manager, Katie Woodland, warning her that the confidentiality clause in her contract would be enforced for speaking to the media about being bullied.

At UKIP Telford & Wrekin we do not condone bullying and call on Lucy Allan to consider her position after bringing our town into disrepute.

Lucy Allan - Don't Blame Me I Voted UKIP

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