Future Fit board recommend closing Telford’s A&E and Women & Children’s Centre

The Future Fit board have voted to recommend the A&E and Women & Children’s Centre in Telford are closed and relocated to Shrewsbury as they always intended to do.

Telford has always played second fiddle to Shrewsbury where anything county-wide is concerned and the Princess Royal Hospital has always been a mere satellite of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Key services have been jealously guarded at the RSH despite Telford providing the bulk of their “customers” and there being more room for expansion at the PRH.

The decision to close one A&E is fundamentally flawed, regardless of which site they choose to lose services. Shropshire is the most rural county in England and the RSH and PRH between them cover most of the county as well as large parts of Wales. The decision to close the A&E and Women & Children’s Centre at Telford is even more unbelievable given that Telford is the largest and fastest growing town in the county and that the £28m Women & Children’s Centre has only been open two years. It is a criminal waste of money and an entirely negligent decision that will cost lives.

UKIP policy is to put control of local NHS services in the hands of elected county health boards. Under this policy the people who have made this decision could be held to account by voters but sadly too many people voted for more of the same so that’s what we’re stuck with.

We will continue to make the case for keeping A&E services at both hospitals and to keep the Women & Children’s Centre open at the PRH. You can show your opposition to the plans by signing the petition to protect the A&E and Women & Children’s Centre at Telford’s Princess Royal Hospital. The consultation will start in January and last for 12 weeks to maintain the pretence of listening to the views of the public.

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One comment on “Future Fit board recommend closing Telford’s A&E and Women & Children’s Centre
  1. James Cooper says:

    It is obvious when taken with other closure elsewhere in the country that the closure of the services is part of a national plan by NHS England and the department of health to take away the hospital services in Telford and elsewhere my own view that whilst Future Fit is part of this it is by no means the only culprit. In my view the closure of the Princess Royal Hospital will occur within the next six years.

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