Jiggers Bank landslide

A landslide has closed Jiggers Bank overnight, just a fortnight after the road was closed for safety inspections and repairs.

A number of residents contacted the council’s out of hours emergency number to report the landslide which has left the road blocked by rocks and earth and were variously told that they knew nothing about it, that they knew about it and there were people on site, that they didn’t need updates and to stop abusing the emergency out of hours number and when Twitter was mentioned they were told it’s irrelevant.

If the emergency out of hours number isn’t for reporting emergencies then what is it for?  If the emergency out of hours person doesn’t need updates from people actually at the site then how is he or she going to know the latest information for the next person that calls?  If Twitter is irrelevant, why does the council use it to communicate with residents and what better (and free) way is there to share information as it happens?  The council website still hasn’t got a mention of it, neither have their Twitter or Facebook accounts yet just five Twitter users we’ve engaged with this morning and ourselves have broadcast the news to somewhere in the region of 4,000 followers.

The most important question, though, is are Telford & Wrekin Council going to make the contractors that did the safety inspections and and repairs earlier this month and declared it safe pay for the repairs to the rock face and the clean-up operation?  This must surely bring the judgement of the contractors into question if the rock face they inspected a fortnight ago has now collapsed.

We’ve put these questions to the council and will let you know when we get a response.

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4 comments on “Jiggers Bank landslide
  1. Matt Batham says:

    Any response as yet?

    • Not yet. They give themselves a few weeks to reply, probably in the hope that it’s no longer a news item by the time they do. As they’ve said it’s going to be closed for a while it should still be in the public eye by the time they respond and if there is something they need to be held to account over then there should still be enough public interest to make sure that they are.

  2. Apparently they need an extension until 2nd Jan to send a response.

  3. Telford & Wrekin Council have responded to our enquiry stating that the rock face affected isn’t the one inspected by contractors. So why wasn’t this particular section of rock face inspected?

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