Kuldip Sahota promises more to repeat loss-making T-Live next year

If proof were needed of how far detached from reality the Labour councillors at Telford & Wrekin Council are, you need look no further than Kuldip Sahota’s comments on the loss-making T-Live concert.

It was such a success that the council will be doing more events next year!

The council said that to break even they needed 3,500 people to go to the concert headlined by McFly on Saturday but only about 3,000 went.  At £35 a ticket that means the event could have cost council taxpayers as much as £17,500.

How many struggling families could have been fed for that much money?  How many hours of social care could that have paid for?

It would be great to see Telford attracting big bands and other major performers on a regular basis but not when it’s costing council taxpayers money to put the event on.  No doubt a lot of hard work went into organising the two weekends of events but it wasn’t a success when it lost so much money.  Having a target for the number of tickets to be sold for the concert so you know you’re not losing money is pretty fundamental when organising an event of this size and cost, especially when you’re spending taxpayers’ money at a time of great hardship in the local community.

There is no reason why Telford couldn’t sustain these types of event on a regular basis and the International Centre is certainly well up to the job of hosting concerts by major artists throughout the year but it’s not right that residents of Telford & Wrekin should be subsidising people from inside and outside of the borough to get their entertainment. Any more large events of this nature must be run by a professional promoter who will take on the financial risk associated with it.

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7 comments on “Kuldip Sahota promises more to repeat loss-making T-Live next year
  1. Callam says:

    I’ve just sent a FOI request to the council regarding T-Party & T-Live. It will be interesting to see how much they actually spent..

  2. Amanda Reynolds says:
    Admin Comment: Multiple comments using different names have been posted from this IP address

    Do you agree with UKIP’s policy for arts and culture?

    13.4 Music and the arts are an important part of our island history. To celebrate our proud musical heritage, school choirs and bands will be encouraged to play the works of British composers such as Elgar, and songs by British song writers will also be celebrated. Schools will also be encouraged to visit British cultural treasures such as The National Gallery, The British Museum, the Imperial War Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. UKIP would also encourage schools to develop the musical, artistic and theatrical talents of their pupils so as to foster emerging talent and re-establish Britain’s role as a cultural and artistic centre.

    Why is there no mention of it on your site and what have you towards making this happen for the community of Brookside?

    • As explained in response to your comment on another post Andrew/Amanda/Mike (whichever of you is real) our councillors in Brookside have supported a number of cultural events, helping to organise and run the events.

  3. mike jones says:
    Admin Comment: Multiple comments using different names have been posted from this IP address

    Isn’t time instead of politics of fear and division you use arts and culture as a tool for regeneration and to inspire the young people of Brookside to make a postive difference

    Isn’t time as councillor for Brookside you start to lead in getting public, lottery, corporate and private investment for arts and culture for Brookside to inspire our young people and make a postive difference to our local community

    Do you know how many of our local schools hold the national Artsmark award?

    How many of our local young people hold an Arts Award?

    How many of our local young people have attended a concert or the threatre?

    How many of our local young people are learning an musical instrument?

    Its time to lead and make a real difference to our local community and start to bring in corporate and private funding to increase access to the arts for our young people

    Have you read the independent report on arts and culture in our schools?


    Have you read the cross party select committee report on the impact of the creative industries on the economy?


    “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything… Without music, life would be an error.” Plato

    • Criticising the leader of the council for financial ineptitude and terrible decision making hardly constitutes “fear and division”. That phrase in itself exposes the political motivation of your obsession with us. No doubt you’re using fake names to post comments because we’d know you as a Labour activist.

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