Labour Councillor accuses UKIP members of xenophobia

Labour Councillor Mike Ion posted the following comment on Twitter this afternoon:

Cllr Mike Ion accuses UKIP members of being xenophobesFor those who don’t know what the word xenophobe means, it is someone who has an irrational fear or hatred of foreigners.  Strictly speaking, it only means an irrational fear of foreigners but the word has been misused for so long as an alternative word for “racist” that it’s taken on the meaning of an irrational hatred of foreigners as well.

So which definition of xenophobe did Cllr Ion mean when he said that UKIP members and supporters (that’s at least the 4,478 people who voted for UKIP in Telford & Wrekin in the 2010 general election) were xenophobes?  We asked and he said:

We asked him which of our policies meant that we in UKIP Telford & Wrekin hate or are scared of foreigners and he said:

We pointed out that we weren’t asking him to defend our policies, but defend his assertion that we and our supporters are xenophobes.  He eventually replied when a well-known local radio presenter asked him what he meant by saying that UKIP’s national policy of opposing multiculturalism is xenophobic.

He then decided that he hadn’t said that UKIP members hated or feared foreigners and went on to demand an apology for the following tweet which he says is defamatory, threatening “action” if he doesn’t get one:

Cllr Ion’s tweet claiming that UKIP members are xenophobes – people who hate or fear foreigners – is there on Twitter for all the world to see so why would he deny saying it?  Is he suggesting his Twitter account has been “hacked” like when the infamous “scum sucking Tories” tweet appeared on David Wright MP’s Twitter feed?  Or perhaps he just throws the word “xenophobia” around as a generic insult without realising what it actually means?  He even confirmed to the aforementioned local radio presenter that he described UKIP members and supporters as xenophobes:

If it’s the former then he needs to report it to the police so that he isn’t held responsible for the libellous comments posted on his Twitter account and if it’s the latter then he just needs to apologise for his mistake.  Maybe the council’s Standards Board are the best people to investigate Cllr Ion’s strange and inappropriate behaviour if he is unable or unwilling to do so himself?  We will have to seek advice on the matter.

It’s a shame that whilst condemning the appalling decision by Labour-run Rotherham MBC to remove three black children from the care of their foster parents because they are UKIP members, Cllr Ion has overshadowed his positive condemnation of Rotherham’s social services department by insulting UKIP’s 19,000 members and millions of supporters.

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2 comments on “Labour Councillor accuses UKIP members of xenophobia
  1. Zip says:

    Ouch! That gotta hurt! Cllr Ion needs to get with the program. Now!

    Excellent post, razor-sharp observation, the very DNA of UKIP, and why we will prevail.

  2. Will says:

    Love the blog! I just sent this email to him this morning…..

    Are you aware of these facts?

    Fact 1: UKIP is the only party in Britain to have a blanket ban on anyone who is, or has ever been a member of the BNP, or any other Far-right organisation. Contrast this with Labour who have a number of ex-BNP in their ranks, some are even now councillors. If you don’t believe me, do a little research on the names Margaret Burke and Trevor Maxfield.

    Fact 2: UKIP has a number of ethnic minority electoral candidates. These including TV chef Rosie Lee, and author and broadcaster Sabiha Choudhary. We are also, to my knowledge, only 1 of 2 parties to have ever had a black candidate in a leadership election. Jamaican born Winston McKenzie was 1 of 4 candidates to contest the 2010 one. He is also standing in the upcoming the Croydon-North By-election.

    Fact 3: One of our MEP’s, Marta Andreasen, is a Spanish national.

    Fact 4: The wife of Nigel Farage, and mother of his 2 daughters, is German.

    Fact 5: UKIP “opposes multiculturalism and political correctness but rejects “blood and soil” ethnic nationalism. UKIP promotes uniculturalism, a single British culture embracing all races, religions and colours”. In other words, we believe in integration.

    As you are an elected local politician, I expect you to back up public assertions you make. So I look forward to your reply.

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