Labour Councillor refuses to help resident because he’s a UKIP candidate

Ryan LaingUKIP’s candidate for this Thursday’s by-election in Woodside, Ryan Laing, has expressed his disappointment at Cllr Kevin Guy’s refusal to deal with him because he’s a UKIP candidate.

Ryan has been trying to get action on the parking problems in Willowfield caused by parents dropping off and picking up their children from Madeley Academy for some time.  Cllr Guy promised to send a letter to all residents in Willowfield and since Ryan has recently moved to another part of Woodside, said that he would send him a copy of the letter.

Cllr Kevin Guy @CllrKevinGuy
@Ryanlaing2013 hi Ryan. Have a letter for Willowfield residence. Where have u moved to so i can send u a copy

Concerned that he still hadn’t had a copy of the letter and nothing appeared to have been done (nobody in Willowfield that Ryan has spoken to has had a letter) he asked Cllr Guy for a copy of the letter again and was shocked to be told that he would no longer be helping him because he is a UKIP candidate.

Cllr Kevin Guy @CllrKevinGuy
@Ryanlaing2013 Sorry Ryan u are now a UKIP candidate, will bend over backwards to aid Woodside residence, but aiding UKIP candidates!

Ryan is still a resident of Woodside and Cllr Guy is still one of Ryan’s borough councillors. ¬†Refusing to help a resident because of the political party they belong to is clearly a breach of Telford & Wrekin Council’s code of conduct for councillors and frankly appalling behaviour for a councillor.

Members should serve only the public interest and should treat everyone that they deal with equally and with respect.

Woodside residents can rest assured that UKIP councillors and candidates don’t care what political party (if any) you support and will treat everyone fairly and equally.

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3 comments on “Labour Councillor refuses to help resident because he’s a UKIP candidate
  1. Keith jones says:

    I find this discusting and that labour councillor should be removed from his position and the area handed over to UKip so something is done.

  2. David Gale says:

    Get used to it…

    Having got through three rounds of interviews and presentations for a senior position with Service Birmingham, I had my appointment blocked because Birmingham City Council will not allow UKIP members to be recruited into senior positions.

    Both the Service Birmingham director who had approved my appointment and the HR consultant resigned. Unfortunately, there is no legislation to prevent discrimination on political grounds.

  3. oldwellingtonian says:

    welcome to 21st century fascism of the labour party who have literally torn this country to pieces with there treason lies and deciept. now the people of telford and wrekin will be for a public show of liebours wicked childish and poisinous ways.
    one piece of advice to the ukip candidate mentioned in this piece is to get on the doorstep,using the marked register,and sign up to postal votes as many potential ukip votes as possible.

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