Labour running scared of UKIP in Dawley

The presence of a UKIP Councillor on their patch is clearly worrying Labour Cllr Shaun Davies who has taken to Twitter to try and play down the defection of Cllr Choundhary and the threat from UKIP candidate Ryan Laing in the upcoming Dawley by-elections. 

When asked by a resident what the (front page) story was because they didn’t understand, he replied:

When Cllr Davies says “most [senior] TAWPA members are UKIP members” he is referring to the two TAWPA members that are now UKIP members and when he says “TAWPA is [no] longer a party” what he means is that TAWPA is still an active party according to the Electoral Commission and their members are still out campaigning and letter writing to the local papers in their party’s name.  If Cllr Davies is trying to imply some sort of feudalistic relationship between TAWPA and UKIP similar to that of the Co-operative Party and Labour Party which is little more than a legalised money laundering operation then he’s sadly mistaken.

Ryan responded to Cllr Davies correcting him but has yet to get a response:

Working class socialist Cllr Shaun Davies is a legal aid lawyer who topped up his taxpayer-funded salary with over £16k of taxpayer-funded allowances and expenses last year.  Comrade Davies is presumably fighting the system from the inside.

Meanwhile we’re told that the UNISON union are out in Dawley campaigning for Labour, bragging about how they won the last election for Labour using taxpayer-funded council facilities to mailshot and cold call voters.  This open admission of misuse of taxpayers’ money and the complaints from the previous Conservative admission that they were constantly frustrated by hostile officers who were distraught at the loss of the Labour administration highlights the contempt with which Labour and the union-controlled council hold democracy.  We’ve asked Cllr Davies if UNISON are using taxpayer-funded council facilities to campaign for Labour again in Dawley but he doesn’t seem to want to respond:

At the end of the day, people get what they vote for.  We have chosen an excellent candidate for Dawley – he may be younger than your average councillor but he has a great deal of experience in politics, does a great deal of voluntary and charity work and will answer to voters, not unelected trade unions.  Labour are so cock sure of winning in Dawley that they’ve even postponed a meeting of Great Dawley Parish Council until after the election so they can appoint their candidate as Chair of the parish council!

To send a message to the arrogant Labour Party, the self-serving trade unionists and impotent Tories, vote UKIP on 14th February.

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