Mark Pritchard shows food bank ignorance

Yesterday’s Shropshire Star carried a story about comments made by Wrekin MP, Mark Pritchard, on Twitter in which he said:

Food banks serving a need – but how many folks can still find funds to pay for alcohol and cigarettes but not food?

He later backtracked and released a statement saying that he was just asking questions because his constituents had.

Mark Pritchard MPMark Pritchard has never been to the food bank which is feeding people in his constituency and is basing his opinion on the prejudice and ignorance of other people who never have.  The volunteers at Telford Food Bank do an amazing job, as do the people who support them with food donations and manning collections at supermarkets.  Mark Pritchard’s ignorant comments are unwelcome and unnecessary and if he really wants to know how Telford Food Bank works (including how they stop people from abusing the system) then he should get off his backside and get down to Madeley and do some volunteering.

The original article has mysteriously disappeared off the the Shropshire Star website but it’s still available on Google’s cache.

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One comment on “Mark Pritchard shows food bank ignorance
  1. bernard hart says:

    This MP should remember that only MPs are fortunate too feed from the free trough in westminster that everyone else contributes too!

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