Newport taxi firm says eastern Europeans have a “better work ethic” [Poll]

Newport taxi firm, Ultimate Taxis, is recruiting drivers from eastern Europe because the owner says that people in Telford are too unreliable.

Newport Town Councillor and owner of Ultimate Taxis, Cllr Terry Spooner, says that foreign taxi drivers have a better work ethic and he’s been recruiting Hungarians and Romanians for the last year and a half under the loophole that lets self-employed people from EU countries move here when they wouldn’t normally have the right to.

The fact that eastern Europeans are generally hard workers isn’t really in doubt but their contribution to the economy is. When Cllr Spooner brings an eastern European over to drive for him that’s an unemployed Telford person who will stay unemployed. A self-employed taxi driver is unlikely to pay enough tax to cover the cost of their own public services when you take into account the lower tax rate for self-employed people and the business expenses that can be set off against tax bills. They certainly won’t pay enough tax to cover the cost of benefits and services for the unemployed Telford person who would otherwise have got the job. And under EU rules, any self-employed person from an EU country coming here is entitled to claim benefits such as tax credits and child benefit from the day they arrive, even if they’ve left their family at home.

¬†We disagree with Cllr Spooner’s claim that so many Telford people are more interested in benefits than working that he has to import cheap foreign labour from eastern Europe to drive a taxi and would point out that the large taxi firms in the borough manage to employ local people without this problem.

Do Telford people make lazy and unreliable workers?

  • No (80%, 8 Votes)
  • Yes (20%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 10

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