Parking charges could be coming to council offices

Telford & Wrekin Council is considering reintroducing pay & display parking at its Addenbrooke House and Darby House offices in an attempt to raise money from staff and residents.

Wheel ClampThe council operated an illegal pay & display car park at Addenbrooke House without planning permission while they were renovating the offices and they were slated when we revealed that the private enforcement company the council used to enforce their illegal parking regime deliberately targeted visitors to Telford who had come to see the Olympic torch relay through the town centre.

A considerable amount of taxpayers’ money was spent buying Addenbrooke House and our council tax pays the cost of keeping council buildings open and paying the wages of the staff that occupy them. ┬áThe idea that residents should then have to pay for the privilege of visiting the council offices – particularly when most visitors are there for benefits advice or to sort out one of the council’s cock-ups – is quite simply unacceptable.

We can also reveal that the council is considering switching to decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE) which would involve the council employing its own traffic wardens. West Mercia Police are currently responsible for parking enforcement but don’t employ any traffic wardens as they don’t get to keep the money raised from fines. Under a DPE scheme the council would get to keep all the money it raises from parking fines which has led to widespread criminality and malpractice by local authorities and parking enforcement companies who operate such schemes elsewhere in the country.

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