Petition against Gnosall wind turbines near Newport

Cllr Jill Seymour has launched a petition against plans to erect huge 130m high wind turbines at Gnosall near Newport.

Say NO to Wind Turbines 130m High in the village of Gnosall Near Newport Shropshire and anywhere else on UK soil

Wind Turbine on fire in Germany

Responsible department: Department for Energy and Climate Change

Planning Permission has been put forward for 4 X 130m High Wind Turbines- that will dwarf the village of Gnosall near Newport Shropshire This must never be allowed anywhere in the UK. These turbines are bigger than Big Ben, cost a fortune to buy and maintain, to say nothing of the subsidy paid to the landowner. They interfere with military radar,are an eyesore and environmentally damaging. No plans should ever be allowed for Turbines that reach extreme heights like these . We have many villages around the countryside who are presently suffering the same problems. These inefficient and costly monstrosities should never be approved. Say NO to the Planning departments now. Please sign this petition asap . Thank you

Wind turbines are an expensive, inefficient way of producing electricity – they require a subsidy from the taxpayer from the moment they’re built until they’re decommissioned just to break even and they produce less than 6% of the electricity we need. It costs well over £1bn a year to subsidise wind turbines, most of which goes to multinational corporations and rich landowners. They’re unsightly, dangerous, ineffective and expensive and they have no place in Shropshire.

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One comment on “Petition against Gnosall wind turbines near Newport
  1. Sharon Bennett says:

    My Mum is originally from Gnosall. I don’t think the village of Gnosall needs Windturbines as this would spoil the beauty of Gnosall.

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