Shropshire Star survey finds increase in support for leaving the EU

Despite being shared around pro-EU activist groups, a survey on the Shropshire Star website has found that support for leaving the EU has increased since the referendum.

Shropshire – and Telford & Wrekin in particular – was one of the most eurosceptic parts of the country according to last year’s referendum with a large majority voting to leave the EU.

The survey also found that nearly three quarters of people are unhappy with the lack of progress following the historic vote and that 77% of respondents believe that their MP should vote in line with the wishes of their constituents. Mark Pritchard and Philip Dunne both exposed themselves as fake eurosceptics during the referendum campaign by campaigning to stay in the EU after spending years pretending to oppose our membership to win over voters.

Jill Seymour MEP said:

It’s no surprise that nearly two thirds of Shropshire Star readers in this survey are unhappy with the handling on the Brexit process – more than six months after the result, we are still no nearer to triggering Article 50 and beginning the formal process of leaving the EU.

Shropshire Star readers have also given a loud and clear message to all MPs, that when Brexit is debated in the House of Commons, they have a duty to support the views of their constituents – or be prepared to resign and stand as an independent.

Jill Seymour MEP

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