Shropshire Star: The danger of potholes

The danger of potholes

Shropshire Star LogoI read with interest the write up in the Shropshire Star on potholes.

One such example is on the B5062 just past Shray Hill Farm on the left from Crudgington to Newport.

A little way from these holes is a sign referring to flooding.  At no stage has the council put in provisions such as putting up bollards and blocking the path of traffic so at least there is no serious accident.

The best is, if someone is approaching the opposite direction and overtaking a vehicle, they have no warning.  I suspect we could see a very serious accident.

We are fully aware of cost cuts from the Government and our local council has had another slice taken away from their highways budget, so car claims increasing will not help balance the books.

Why are we not seeing protection added to our roads under health and safety rules?

The highways department has bollards and can at least, while we all wait for serious hold to be fixed, seal it off from traffic.  I have not seen this done in the Telford and Wrekin area.

Councillor Jill Seymour

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