Let’s make June 23rd our independence day

Over the past few months I’ve walked miles, delivered thousands of leaflets to thousands of homes, stood out in the rain and the sunshine talking to passers by, handed out leaflets and discovered parts of Telford I didn’t even know existed. All to try and give people the facts they need to make the right decision in tomorrow’s EU referendum.

Twenty years ago I was on the other side – a Labour voter who supported the EU, supported mass immigration and thought the UK should join the €uro. A healthy dose of real life helped me to see sense and I’ve been firmly in the leave camp for a long time.

We are the world’s 5th largest economy, the EU’s largest export market, the world’s 5th strongest military power, one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and the centre of world finance. We may be small in size but we are a global economy, military and trading power.

We will not just survive but thrive outside of the EU. Our future is not shackled to a rapidly declining, bankrupt economic and political bloc but looking to the rest of the world, tapping into emerging markets and regaining our place as a global trading nation.

Don’t be fooled by snake oil salesmen telling you that we can reform the EU from within, it is unreformable. Don’t listen to the wormtongues telling you that we’re not good enough to make it on our own. This is our one and only chance to get out of the EU and regain our freedom. I urge you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and vote Leave and make 23rd June our independence day.

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Voter registration ends today

You have until the end of today to register to vote or you won’t be able to vote to leave the EU. If you haven’t already received your polling card through the post you’re not registered.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to take back control of our country.

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Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year and helped put UKIP on the electoral map. We hope you will continue to give us your support in 2016 and in return we will continue to work to make our borough and country a better place.


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2017 Local Elections

Elections for all divisions of Shropshire Council will take place in May 2017.

All four branches in Shropshire are involved in this election and are keen to hear from members and supporters who are interested in standing as a UKIP candidate in the election.

To stand for election as a UKIP candidate you must …

  • Be a paid up member in good standing
  • Live within 3 miles of the Shropshire Council area or the parish/town council ward you wish to stand in
  • Work or own property within the Shropshire Council area or the parish/town council ward you wish to stand in
  • Pass the party’s internal vetting process

If you’re interested in standing for UKIP in the 2017 local elections, please get in touch with your local branch.

UKIP Shropshire 2017 Become A Candidate

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New County Chairman

UKIP Telford & Wrekin branch chairman, Cllr Stuart Parr, was elected chairman of the Shropshire County Committee at the county AGM in January.

The county committee co-ordinates the activities of the four branches in Shropshire where appropriate and the county chairman represents the branches at the West Midlands regional committee.

Neil Jukes, chairman of North Shropshire branch, was chairman of Shropshire County Committee for two years and had stood down to concentrate on the general election campaign.

Karen Jukes has kindly agreed to stay on as the county Secretary and was co-opted by the committee at the AGM.

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Statement from UKIP North Shropshire on Cllr Steve Glover’s move to the Conservative party

In recent months Cllr Glover has experienced health problems serious enough to warrant advice that he should not drive a car. Sadly Cllr Glover chose to ignore this advice and continued to drive, despite having a subsequent accident.

UKIP North Shropshire takes the safety of the public and all road users very seriously. Therefore, in light of Cllr Glover’s behaviour, and the risk he posed to both himself and other road users, the branch felt that despite his long record of good service, there was no alternative but to ask him to either give an undertaking that he would stop driving, or to stand down as a UKIP representative.

Cllr Glover did not at any time give the branch any undertaking to stop driving and now has clearly responded to our concerns in his own way.

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Douglas Carswell is UKIP’s first elected MP

Douglas Carswell has won the Clacton by-election for UKIP by a huge margin, increasing his majority and becoming UKIP’s first elected MP.

John Bickley came unbelievably close to unseating Labour in the Heywood & Middleton by-election, falling short by just over 600 votes after a bundle check.

Carswell’s victory for UKIP in Clacton represents a 44% swing from Conservative to UKIP and is the largest winning vote increase for any party in history whilst Bickley’s close second in Heywood & Middleton will mortify Labour who almost lost the safe northern seat that they have held since it was created 21 years ago.

A few years ago the party was very much the underdog, barely registering on opinion polls and tanking in elections. How things have changed. UKIP has replaced the Lib Dems as the number three party in the UK and is challenging both the Conservatives and Labour. The courage that Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless have shown in defecting from the Conservatives and resigning their seats to get a fresh mandate for UKIP is a rare display of principals that hadn’t been seen since Churchill crossed the floor twice when his party failed to represent his beliefs. But we must also recognise the role of Nigel Farage who has devoted his life to turning UKIP into a serious political force for good at great personal expense. There is no doubt in my mind that UKIP’s success over the last couple of years, culminating in yesterday’s historic first ever Westminster by-election win would not have happened were it not for Nigel Farage’s leadership of the Peoples’ Army that he has created.


Candidate Party Vote %
Douglas Carswell UKIP 21,113 59.7%
Giles Watling Conservative 8,709 24.6%
Tim Young Labour 3,957 11.0%
Chris Southall Green 688 1.7%
Andrew Graham Lib Dem 483 1.3%
Bruce Sizer Independent 205 0.6%
Alan “Howling Laud” Hope Loony 127 0.4%
Charlotte Rose Independent 56 0.2%

Heywood & Middleton

Candidate Party Vote %
Liz McInnes Labour 11,663 40.9%
John Bickley UKIP 11,016 38.7%
Iain Gartside Conservative 3,496 12.3%
Anthony Smith Lib Dem 1,457 5.1%
Abi Jackson Green 870 3.1%
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Severn Trent apologise for illegal road signs

Severn Trent have issued an apology after placing illegal metric road signs at roadworks in Baschurch.

UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Shrewsbury & Atcham, Suzanne Evans, expressed her astonishment that a company that digs up roads on a daily basis didn’t realise that the use of metric measurements on road signs was illegal.

Severn Trent can’t have failed to notice we travel ‘miles’ in our cars in Britain so these signs make little sense.

The European Union has been zealous in its efforts to get Britain to switch over to kilometres but we have opted-out of doing this so far.

They are a large company that work all over the country and they must know that this is the law. But what about common sense, I mean what does kilometres even mean to most people? I hope Shropshire Council has had a stern word with Severn Trent so this doesn’t happen again.

The use of metric in the public sector was required by the Units Measurement Directive and public bodies using imperial measurements face prosecution for not complying. However, road signs must use imperial measurements. They can use both imperial and metric as long as the imperial is more prominent but you can’t have metric-only road signs. The UK Metric Association commissioned a YouGov poll in January of this year and found that:

  • Half of respondents were opposed to completing metrication, with a quarter supportive and a fifth indifferent or non-committal.
  • Although younger generations were more supportive than the older, still 36% of the 18-24 age group were opposed.
  • Where there are specific practical reasons for using metric units, the majority of the population prefer to use them
  • However, where parental, peer and media pressures are strongly in favour of imperial units, all age groups continue to use imperial – including for personal weighing
  • Although there was a definite association between age and acceptance/use of metric units, there was still either a majority or a large minority of younger people who habitually use imperial rather than metric units for various everyday functions

The majority of people use imperial measurements, not metric and the laws requiring road signs to use the measurement system that most people use is for road safety. If companies are allowed to flout this law, which other safety laws should they be allowed to ignore?

Suzanne Evans

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David Cameron’s utter humiliation

The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, has been appointed president of  the EU Commission.

David Cameron made a big noise about opposing Juncker’s appointment in an attempt to convince people of his eurosceptic credentials. He even said at one point that if Juncker was appointed president he would consider thinking about contemplating possibly maybe suggesting on a strictly non-committal and equivocal basis that he might possibly consider sort of suggesting that we might in the fullness of time and in the right circumstances consider possibly leaving the EU.

He was, of course, lying. Juncker’s mission as president of the EU Commission will be to drive closer integration and remove more of our sovereignty. National vetoes and opt-outs will be abolished wherever possible and the drive for a United State of Europe will be made a priority. David Cameron was powerless to stop Juncker’s appointment and he’s powerless to change the direction of the EU. Any talk of leaving the EU is as empty as the promise he made to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and as empty as his promise to hold a referendum on our membership of the EU in 2017.

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Tories hold Newark but UKIP slash majority

The Conservatives have won the Newark by-election but with a much reduced majority thanks to UKIP’s Roger Helmer.

Tory candidate Robert Jenrick went into the election defending Patrick Mercer’s 16,152 vote majority and 44th safest seat and won by a far less impressive 7,403 votes. If this result is indicative of the general election next year, cabinet ministers are going to lose their seats.

Roger Helmer ran an excellent campaign and UKIP was once again the only real opposition to the incumbent parties. Roger came a very strong second with Labour a distant third, an independent in fourth, the Green Party in fifth and the Lib Dems successfully defending the challenge from the Monster Raving Loony Party to finish in sixth.

Party Votes % +/-
Conservative 17,431 45.0 -8.9
UKIP 10,028 25.9 +22.1
Labour 6,842 17.7 4.6
Independent (Paul Baggaley) 1,891 4.9
Green 1,057 2.7
Lib Dem 1,004 2.6 -17.4
Monster Raving Loony Party 168 0.4
Independent (Andy Hayes) 117 0.3
Bus Pass Elvis Party 87 0.2
Common Good 64 0.2
Patriotic Socialist Party 18 0.1
Turnout 52.67% (-18.69%)
Swing Con to UKIP 15.46%
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