Bridgnorth councillor removed from post for non-attendance

Cllr Norman Cottrell has been removed from Bridgnorth Town Council after failing to attend a meeting for over 6 months.

Cllr Cottrell has been suffering from an illness and has sent apologies in for every meeting in the last 6 months which means an automatic disqualification under the Local Government Act 1972. Had he requested a leave of absence the council could have authorised an extended period of absence which wouldn’t have meant him being disqualified from being a councillor.

Cllr Cottrell said that if the clerk had informed him he was about the breach the 6 month rule he could have “done something about it”. It’s not clear why he wasn’t well enough to attend meetingsĀ if he was well enough to attend a council meeting to prevent being disqualified.

We wish Cllr Cottrell a speedy recovery from his illness.

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