Nigel Farage at Telford International Centre

Nigel Farage is coming to Telford 5th September


Nigel FarageThe man responsible for changing the political landscape of Britain has accepted an invitation to speak at a public meeting to be held at Telford in September.

Nigel Farage MEP leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) will take to the stage at The International Centre, Telford on 5th September at what is being billed as the largest public event for the UK Independence Party in the Midlands.

The organiser of this event, Councillor Jill Seymour chair of Kynnersley Parish Council, Shropshire, is a member of UKIP. She has sponsored this event in order to give local people the opportunity to submit written questions on arrival which Nigel Farage MEP and other key members of UKIP will address.

It is expected that Nigel Farage will take this opportunity to emphasise many of UKIP’s policies which include: giving local communities more power to run themselves; easing the burden on health, education and housing services by controlling immigration; tackling criminals and supporting their victims; abolishing the bedroom tax; protecting the countryside and ensuring that tax-payers’ money is spent in the UK not in the EU.

Cllr Jill SeymourJill Seymour firmly believes the event will achieve a twofold objective in providing members of the public with a first-hand opportunity to hear the party leader clearly state the local benefits of UKIP. It will also provide existing party members that may not be able to travel to the annual party conference in Westminster later this year from the Midlands and the North to meet Nigel Farage in Telford.

“UKIP has crossed the threshold to enter the arena of mainstream politics in Britain. I am delighted that Nigel Farage has agreed to spend time in the Midlands region. We believe that government at local, national and European level has become too remote from the people. That they have forgotten they work for us. Bureaucrats and professional politicians have taken over and the people’s voice – the voice of common sense – is too often ignored and over-ridden. UKIP stands for bringing back power to the people; for decisions to be made locally, not nationally; for common-sense policies” said Jill Seymour.

Other speakers at the meeting will be Paul Nuttall MEP, deputy leader of UKIP; Christopher Gill, former MP for South Shropshire member of UKIP and president of the Freedom Association; Bill Etheridge UKIP parliamentary prospective candidate for Dudley, West Midlands and well known critic of political correctness. Chairman of the Telford & Wrekin UKIP branch Denis Allen will welcome the guests followed by the event organiser Jill Seymour former UKIP national executive council member.

The UKIP public meeting will be held at The International Centre, Telford on Thursday 5th September 2013. Doors open 6.45.

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