Press Release: Election marred by dirty tricks

Rule breaking and underhand tactics by Labour and the Conservatives in Shrewsbury and Whittington have spoilt an otherwise friendly and well-behaved election campaign, says the Chairman of UKIP Shropshire, Cllr Denis Allen.

UKIP candidate for Whittington division, David Baynham, had all his posters removed three times by Conservative candidate Cllr Steve Charmley. He not only did this in front of local residents but posted a picture of himself removing the posters on Facebook (since removed). After being told by the council to stop, he promised not to do it again but within hours more posters had been removed. Conservative-controlled Whittington Parish Council then instructed David to remove his posters from their lampposts, calling them an “eyesore”.

Over the weekend the Conservatives also put up large posters around Shrewsbury despite Shropshire Council making it very clear to all involved in these elections that posters must be only slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper. They have also put posters on road signs despite this being strictly forbidden.

Finally, in North Shropshire Labour Party activists stapled their own posters onto UKIP posters, causing damage to the UKIP posters in the process.

Cllr Allen said “We pride ourselves on being well behaved during elections and it is disappointing to see some of our opponents resorting to dirty tricks. It’s a sign of just how worried Labour and the Conservatives are that they feel the need to attack UKIP.”

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