Shrewsbury & Atcham PPC announced

Suzanne EvansShrewsbury & Atcham branch have announced their prospective parliamentary candidate for next year’s general election.

Suzanne Evans, who is originally from Shrewsbury but has lived in London for the last few years, is planning a return to her home town to take on Daniel Kawczynski.

Suzanne defected from the Conservatives last year but not entirely unexpectedly lost her council seat in the Conservative stronghold of Merton in this year’s local elections. Whilst she was no doubt disappointed at not getting re-elected, she can now concentrate all her efforts on winning Shrewsbury & Atcham for UKIP.

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One comment on “Shrewsbury & Atcham PPC announced
  1. Colin Davies says:

    Following Ed Miliband’s hopeful suggestion that Parliamentary Questions should be extended to the public in some way, Radio Shropshire invited listeners to phone in with their views on the present Government’s performance. The response was immediate and overwhelming and almost totally anti-Cameron. However the public debate was, surprisingly, terminated although there appeared to be a large number of listeners waiting to be heard. I met Jim Hawkins, RS’s presenter, in Cai Glas Park Oswestry to suggest a longer program would be desirable and discussed the poor representation by Owen Paterson in the same context. Would there be an opportunity for a short discussion with you on the very disturbing outcome? Regards CD

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