Statement from UKIP North Shropshire on Cllr Steve Glover’s move to the Conservative party

In recent months Cllr Glover has experienced health problems serious enough to warrant advice that he should not drive a car. Sadly Cllr Glover chose to ignore this advice and continued to drive, despite having a subsequent accident.

UKIP North Shropshire takes the safety of the public and all road users very seriously. Therefore, in light of Cllr Glover’s behaviour, and the risk he posed to both himself and other road users, the branch felt that despite his long record of good service, there was no alternative but to ask him to either give an undertaking that he would stop driving, or to stand down as a UKIP representative.

Cllr Glover did not at any time give the branch any undertaking to stop driving and now has clearly responded to our concerns in his own way.

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