There are many, many reasons to vote UKIP at both a national and local level.

Nationally, UKIP is the only party that pledges to extract this country from the undemocratic, fraud-ridden, hugely expensive European Union.  UKIP is the only party advocating a simple flat tax to replace the current three-tier income tax and national insurance and an increased tax allowance to take low paid people out of the tax system altogether.  UKIP is the only mainstream party proposing to give England a Parliament of its own, like the Scottish Parliament, ending over a decade of institutional discrimination against the English.  UKIP is the only party advocating a 5 year ban on economic immigration (this doesn’t affect asylum, which is something completely different) so that people already living here can take advantage of the available jobs and housing rather than 9 in 10 jobs going to newly-arrived economic migrants.