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Theresa May’s Brexit Speech

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, yesterday delivered what was probably the most important speech on Brexit since the referendum. In her speech Theresa May set out what the British government wants to get out of Brexit. For a Remain supporter it

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Shropshire Star survey finds increase in support for leaving the EU

Despite being shared around pro-EU activist groups, a survey on the Shropshire Star website has found that support for leaving the EU has increased since the referendum. Shropshire – and Telford & Wrekin in particular – was one of the most eurosceptic

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Brexit boosts county exports

Figures release by Shropshire Chamber of Commerce show a boost to local businesses as a result of the EU referendum. The long-overdue devaluation of the pound has provided a welcome boost to exports all over the country, including here in Shropshire where businesses

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Let’s make June 23rd our independence day

Over the past few months I’ve walked miles, delivered thousands of leaflets to thousands of homes, stood out in the rain and the sunshine talking to passers by, handed out leaflets and discovered parts of Telford I didn’t even know

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Campaigning in Southwater with UKIP Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall

UKIP’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, came to Telford today to help the campaign to leave the EU. Between 25 and 30 UKIP supporters, Conservatives and others with no party political links spent about four hours in Southwater handing out leaflets, badges,

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Labour’s Project Fear tour bus pulls in just 22 members for photo shoot with their deputy leader!

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, came to Telford on their Project Fear bus on Saturday to tell people that they should vote to stay in the EU. Embarrassingly for them Tom Watson only managed to pull in 22

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