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2 for 1 membership

To celebrate the massive Leave vote in Telford & Wrekin we are offering 2-for-1 membership for 63 days – one day for each percentage of Telford & Wrekin that voted to Leave. That’s just £5 each for the first year

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Let’s make June 23rd our independence day

Over the past few months I’ve walked miles, delivered thousands of leaflets to thousands of homes, stood out in the rain and the sunshine talking to passers by, handed out leaflets and discovered parts of Telford I didn’t even know

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Voter registration closes today

You have until the end of today to register to vote or you won’t be able to vote to leave the EU. If you haven’t already received your polling card through the post you’re not registered. Don’t miss out on

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Campaigning in Southwater with UKIP Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall

UKIP’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, came to Telford today to help the campaign to leave the EU. Between 25 and 30 UKIP supporters, Conservatives and others with no party political links spent about four hours in Southwater handing out leaflets, badges,

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Mark Pritchard thinks ministers should campaign to stay in the EU

The Conservative MP for the Wrekin, Mark Pritchard, has told the Shropshire Star that cabinet ministers should campaign to stay in the EU. Whilst a handful of Conservative ministers are asking for permission to campaign to leave the EU, David Cameron is

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Telford & Wrekin MPs come out in favour of staying in the EU

The Shropshire Star have asked all of Shropshire’s MPs where they stand on the EU referendum and unsurprisingly, both Mark Pritchard and Lucy Allen have come out in favour of reforming the EU rather than leaving. Both MPs told voters that

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The Lords have killed David Cameron’s EU referendum bill

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EU referendum bill is an empty gesture

The Conservatives are publishing a draft bill today for an EU referendum in 2017. David Cameron was telling us only last week that he was unable to introduce legislation for a referrendum because it wasn’t in the coalition agreement (just

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