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Red Jez wins Labour Party leadership for second time

Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, ensuring their continued decline into electoral oblivion. Red Jez has long-standing associations with Irish republican terrorists and used to describe convicted IRA terrorists as prisoners of war. He wants to abolish

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Labour’s cabinet member for finance on the borough council is under investigation by his party for not supporting Jeremy Corbyn in their leadership election. Cllr Lee Carter is supporting Owen Smith to take over as leader of the Labour Party. If

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Labour’s Project Fear tour bus pulls in just 22 members for photo shoot with their deputy leader!

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, came to Telford on their Project Fear bus on Saturday to tell people that they should vote to stay in the EU. Embarrassingly for them Tom Watson only managed to pull in 22

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Vote Labour, get Green

Labour and the Greens campaigning together in Southwater. Vote Labour, get watermelons*. * Watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside.

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What have this young mum from Telford, the Managing Director of AFC Telford Utd and doctor from Madeley all got in common? Apart from backing David Wright, of course? Alice Huda – “young mum from Telford” – says she’s backing David because

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Labour-supporting think tank the Fabian Society have published a report by their Deputy General Secretary, Marcus Roberts, which identifies Telford as one of the top seats where UKIP is likely to cause more damage to Labour than the Conservatives. An opinion poll carried out by YouGov for

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Don’t vote for a party, vote for policies

Since we published our local policies for Dawley yesterday (a bit late in the day but we wanted to get them right) they have been pored over by Labour councillors who have responded with predictable negativity and half hearted attempts

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Labour running scared of UKIP in Dawley

The presence of a UKIP Councillor on their patch is clearly worrying Labour Cllr Shaun Davies who has taken to Twitter to try and play down the defection of Cllr Choundhary and the threat from UKIP candidate Ryan Laing in

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The Labour administration at Telford & Wrekin have overspent by £4.4m in just one year, having to spend two thirds of the contingency money in the council’s budget to balance the books. The Tory leader, Andrew Eade, asked Labour what

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Tory leader offers Labour a fight (allegedly)

Conservative and Labour borough councillors spent part of last night’s full council meeting arguing with each other resulting in the leader of the Conservatives allegedly offering to take a Labour councillor outside. Cllr Shaun Davies took to Twitter last night

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