Telford Journal: Time our councillors made the decisions not officials

Time our councillors made the decisions not officials

Telford Journal LogoThe total highways budget to Telford & Wrekin highways department for 2013/14 in total is £5.392m to make repairs to the highway and footpaths including improvements.

As the elected councillors on TWC have already via a previous Labour council delegate responsibility without reference back to the elected representatives decision making this means that only £377,440 will be available for actual repairs to any road which is not a class A road or a primary route.

This figure has to meet any ‘capital works’ programme for residential roads in addition to making repairs to residential roads ( filling in potholes etc.). Recently TWC highways department started the “footpath to nowhere” which runs from the Audely Ave Industrial estate at Newport along the front of the now closed Focus store, alongside this building on the A 518 to where it meets the A 41.

What the purpose of creating a footpath here is unbelievable as the bus route does not follow this section of the A 518 but turns off into Church Aston. This footpath appears now to have been abandoned.

Following the extremely bad winter of 2010/11 the government made a payment to TWC for all roads to be repaired where required of £14.5m strictly for road maintenance. TWC decided to use £4m for other projects and then lost the remaining £10.5m back to the government for failing to use the money for what it was given. Hence the poor condition of the residential roads we now have in Telford, especially when the highways department is allowed to use 70% of the highways budget on their pet toy they call a ‘scanner’ which was purchased with council taxpayers money.

When are the elected members of Telford & Wrekin Council start to make decisions which they were elected to do? Time to ask why were they elected when they pass the decision making to unelected unaccountable council officers.

Raymond Knight
Delbury Court,
Deercote, Hollinswood

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