Two by-election wins for UKIP

UKIP Telford & Wrekin are celebrating two fantastic election results tonight after winning both the Madeley Town Council and Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council by-elections.

Ryan Laing beat the Conservative candidate who stood as an independent, Grant Foxon, by 331 votes to 206 in Woodside.  We believe that the 61.4% vote share may be the new record percentage win in a by-election for UKIP anywhere in the country.

Brookside candidate, Lynda Hogger, also beat Labour borough councillor Nathan England by 442 votes to 322.  The 57.85% of the vote Lynda secured is a massive achievement in itself without considering she was up against a sitting borough councillor.

UKIP Telford & Wrekin now has 9 councillors representing Brookside, Dawley, Dothill, Ercall Magna, Kynnersley, Hollinswood, Shifnal and Woodside.

Well done to both candidates, their families, friends and for everyone from the branch and surrounding areas who came to help deliver leaflets and put up posters.  We couldn’t have done it without the hard work that everyone put in.

Woodside and Brookside by-election count

Newly elected councillors Lynda Hogger and Ryan Laing (centre) with Cllrs Stuart Parr, Denis Allen and Jill Seymour and activist Tom Hoof (right)

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15 comments on “Two by-election wins for UKIP
  1. Pauline Oldford says:

    Well done.. I voted for you Lynda..lets hope you keep all your promises and are honest politicians..time will tell 🙂

  2. Colin Dobson says:

    Well done to you all, great achievement.

  3. Lindylou says:

    Many Congratulations and very well done to you both! What a fantastic result!!

  4. linda chadwick says:

    ukip needs more promotion everywhere, i would like to see more from them in salford.

    • We try our best but we can’t force our way onto TV and radio!

      • Richard Donovan says:

        I believe it is possible to set up YouTube channels. Have you considered setting up a UKIP TV channel on YouTube? This could then be publicised on Twitter, Facebook, Posters, Word-of-mouth etc.

        I would love to see the viewing figures, and the ConLab faces when they saw how popular it was becoming!

        Another possibility is to set up a UKIP channel on Freeview. There is loads of overcapacity (vide the number of crap shopping channels) so I guess it’s not too expensive and would provide a solid platform for showing UKIP infomercials, latest news and defections, and comments from the party leaders.

  5. Frances Fox says:

    It is very good to learn that two councillors in Telford & Wrekin for UKIP have won and I congratulate both of you and all your workes who helped you.


  6. Colin Deegan says:

    Great result, but you still need more promotion and you need to profile yourselves, we don’t hear enough of the party on TV and radio.

    • We do try and get more coverage on TV and radio and in the press but we can’t force them to give us coverage. Attitudes are changing though – BBC Shropshire, Free Radio and the Shropshire Star all called today to talk to our new councillors and the BBC’s politics editor has asked to be put on our mailing list. Historically we’ve had to fight for even a small amount of media coverage but they seem to have realised that we’re the only party in the borough that’s growing both in terms of membership and councillors.

      • Richard Donovan says:

        If I were Nigel Farage I would ban any communication with the leftist BBC vermin. That would turn the tables on the lying creeps who distort everything they don’t believe in. Why give them the chance to edit what is said? If UKIP do talk to the traitors demand that the interview is shown live and unedited, with a UKIP cameraman making a duplicate recording.

  7. David Marshall says:

    Well done it seems like you cant fail these days, with a bit of hard work and a lot of blood sweat and tears you could do very well in a General Election

  8. well done everyone concerned . it seems as though nearly a third of the electorate are now completely bonkers. it is strange that when we were voting for the other 3 parties, we were all very normal and upstanding people, it seems to me that they have made us vote this way as its the only way to save the british way of life. Ps i love visiting foreign countries and talking to their inhabitants, a lot of who also want to just be patriotic.

  9. Richard Donovan says:

    Very well done to you both! The poor rabbit Con and Lab candidates all over the country are beginning to jump ship in packs due to triumphs like these. Beware of electing the defectors as UKIP candidates though, they are mainly after saving their own skins (and salary / expenses) and have proved by defecting that their loyalty is suspect.

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