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Chairman Newsletter
The elections on May 3 showed that a growing number of people are no longer prepared to put up with the ‘more of the same’ politics of the three main parties – with UKIP averaging 14%, just two points behind the Lib-Dems.


If you stood for UKIP or gave us your vote, thank you.


We had an extremely good set of local election results right across the country. In total we took over 220,000 votes, more than double what the party received in 2008 when the same seats were contested. As well as some great wins (see below), we also took second place in 136 seats around the country – ready to win next time.
We had breakthroughs in terms of winning seats in places like Tunbridge Wells, where UKIP’s Piers Wauchope defeated the Conservative Leader of the entire Council!


In Ramsey, Lisa Duffy received 60% of the vote, giving UKIP a third seat on Huntingdonshire District Council.

In Ramsey, we now have the County Councillor, all three District Councillors, control of the Town Council and the Mayoralty!
Rushmoor Council now has three UKIP Councillors on it, whilst Ron Shepherd broke through to win UKIP’s first ever seat on North East Lincolnshire Council.
UKIP now has a Councillor in Thurrock too, as Robert Ray picked up a seat.


It wasn’t just in England where UKIP won seats either, with fantastic victories in Merthyr Tydfil and the Vale of Glamorgan.


Even in places where we didn’t win seats, UKIP performed extremely well. In Plymouth for example, UKIP averaged 20.6% of the vote, standing in every single seat. And in Sheffield UKIP achieved a first by taking 3,000 more votes across a major city than the Conservatives.


Up and down the country, UKIP has broken through with some extremely encouraging results.


But we are not complacent, and the aim next year must be to contest and win as many County Council seats as possible. If you aren’t a member, join today.

If you are a member but didn’t stand for us, please contact your local branch and get involved with helping to build UKIP locally. After all, that is the key to winning Westminster seats.
Yours Sincerely,

Steve Crowther
UKIP Executive Chairman
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