UKIP Telford & Wrekin raising the bar for online engagement

UKIP Telford & Wrekin launched it’s new website (this one, obviously) a couple of weeks ago and paid some more attention to or previously low-key twitter account at the same time.

So how do we compare to the other parties in Telford & Wrekin?

Let’s take a look at the tories first. They created a Twitter account a few weeks ago to cover both their constituency associations of Telford & the Wrekin and currently have 8 (yes, eight) followers. Perhaps it’s because they mostly tweet about national Conservative Party news which most people in Telford really aren’t going to be interested in or maybe Twitter users in Telford just aren’t interested in what the Tories have to say? The Telford & Wrekin Facebook page has 20 likes.

What about their websites? The Tories have a website for Telford and another for the Wrekin. The Telford website hasn’t been updated for over a month and that was about the West Mercia political police commissioner election. There are no upcoming events and no local manifesto. The Wrekin website has a bit more information on it but still hasn’t been updated since May and the only upcoming event is a fundraiser in Ludlow for the aforementioned police commissioner election. The imprint on the Wrekin Conservatives website doesn’t comply with electoral law which is a bit of a silly mistake to make. Both websites claim that the Conservatives are the most democratic party in the country because they allow members to vote on party matters after 3 months. UKIP members can vote as soon as their membership has been processed as long as they join in time for ballot papers to be printed which by the Conservatives’ definition makes us the most democratic party in the UK. Thanks for clarifying that guys.

The Telford Labour Party website redirects to David Wright MPs website if you happen across some of their old, out-of-date content from a Google search. If there is a website for the Labour Party in Telford & Wrekin then it’s so obscure that we can’t find it! They also don’t appear to want to do Twitter either, presumably something to do with David Wright’s Twitter “hack” scandal. Telford & Wrekin Labour seem to rely entirely on David Wright MP and Telford & Wrekin Council to promote themselves which is an interesting approach. Telford Labour has 254 friends on Facebook.

Wrekin & Telford Lib Dems have a website “updated regularly with local Lib Dem news”. Last updated in September 2010. Perhaps they’re waiting for some good news? The Lib Dems also don’t do Twitter and the imprint on their website also doesn’t comply with electoral law. The Lib Dems also have no local manifesto. Telford & Wrekin Lib Dems has 5 likes on Facebook.

The Green Party has no website or Twitter account for Telford and there are no contacts or news on the West Midlands Green Party website. The BNP don’t have a Telford website or Twitter account as they can only manage one branch for the whole of Shropshire. The English Democrats also have no website or Twitter account and to the best of our knowledge, only one member in the borough. Neither party has a local manifesto. None of these 3 are on Facebook.

So how does Telford & Wrekin UKIP compare? We are the only party in Telford & Wrekin that publishes a local manifesto. We have 32 likes on our Facebook page which is hardly spectacular but still more than the Tories. We have 183 followers on Twitter and our website was last updated just 2 days ago. So we’re the only party in Telford & Wrekin with a published plan for what we would do for Telford, and we make more effort to engage with people through social media than any other party. All we need now is the opportunity to show residents of Telford & Wrekin how UKIP councillors can make life in Telford better!

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2 comments on “UKIP Telford & Wrekin raising the bar for online engagement
  1. Ed Evanson (Press Officer of Telford and Wrekin Green Party) says:

    Please note that your comments that the Green Party has no Telford and Wrekin contacts is out of date. Just to let you know.

    See here:

    • Congratulations on your appointment. Telford is still represented by one sentence on the Green Party’s West Midlands website though, not exactly local is it?

      We loved the optimism by your leader by the way:

      The Green Party will end up with more councillors in Thursday’s local elections than UKIP, claims its leader.

      You gained 5 seats.

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