We pay Telford MPs’ electricity bills

Warming hands by the fireThe Daily Mirror has produced an interactive map showing which of our troughing MPs have been claiming their gas and electricity bills from us on their second homes that we’re already paying for.

It will come as little surprise to learn that both our MPs here in Telford & Wrekin have been claiming – Mark Pritchard has claimed £64.18 for electricity at his taxpayer-funded second home whilst David Wright claimed £330.78 for his electricity bills.

Age UK estimates that 24,000 people will die from fuel poverty this year.  People that don’t have the privilege of being able to claim their gas and electricity bills from the taxpayer.  Some of them will be in Telford & Wrekin.  They’ll pay their taxes until the day they die from the cold or hunger so that our MPs don’t have to pay their own electricity bills on the free second home they’re getting at our expense.

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