West Mercia Police admit covering up child abuse in Telford

West Mercia police have admitted to wrongly recording reports of grooming and talking down the scale of the problem in Telford & Wrekin.

Telford Street Pastors have reported instances of men grooming drunk teenagers, trying to get into children’s discos, circling teenage party venues in cars and selling drugs to teenagers but the police haven’t been following the reports up.

The council produced its report into Child Sexual Exploitation in May and despite having more than double the ratio of child sex crime reports to population than Rotherham and Rochdale – 15 reports per 10,000 people compared to 6.4 for Rotherham and Rochdale – they assured us that the situation was in hand. Clearly it isn’t and West Mercia Police’s admission that it was been fiddling the figures could mean that the problem is even bigger than reported.

This is certainly not a statistic to be proud of and the arrest and conviction of a muslim paedophile gang in Telford three years ago should have meant the police were on the lookout for more of the same, not covering it up.

The council’s report also made specific mention of the fact that the majority of people accused of child abuse in Telford & Wrekin were white (but no indication of whether that’s white British, eastern European, etc). Would the report have made specific reference to the alleged perpetrators being black or asian if that was the case? In the aftermath of Rotherham we would hope so but it is unlikely and with West Mercia Police’s false reporting of the problem do¬†they even know what the truth is?

Questions have to be answered. Why are the police covering up child sexual exploitation? Who is responsible for this sickening child abuse? What is the true extent of the problem? Are the council also involved in the cover up? Who is responsible for covering it up and when and how will they be punished?

If you have concerns about the safety of a child you can contact Telford & Wrekin Council. You can find contact details, including an out of hours emergency number, on the CSE page of the Telford & Wrekin Council website.

Seven men were convicted of child abuse in Telford in 2013

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