West Mercia Police providing traffic warden for Newport and Wellington

West Mercia Police have finally agreed to resume parking enforcement in Newport after both Newport and Wellington Town Councils agreed to part-fund a new CSO for the purpose.

Hearse on a tow truckNewport Town Council has been lobbying Telford & Wrekin Council since last year to adopt a Decriminalised Parking Enforcement scheme which would see parking enforcement in the borough turned into a profit-making business. Such schemes have resulted in widespread fraud and corruption in other local authorities so it is good news that the police will be doing their job rather than inflicting private parking enforcement on the borough.

Effective parking enforcement is needed in all our market towns but profiteering private traffic wardens driving shoppers out of town centres and into the arms of out of town supermarkets is the last thing we need. The police have the responsibility to prevent dangerous and inconsiderate parking and to punish offenders in Telford & Wrekin and they need to be made aware of how serious the problem is if they are to take that responsibility seriously. If you see a car blocking a dropped kerb, obstructing a pavement, parking on or near a zebra crossing, etc. then you should call West Mercia Police on 03000 333 3000 (or 101 if you don’t mind paying 15p every time you ring them).

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