Wheat Leasowes Solar Farm Public Exhibition

Telford & Wrekin Council are holding a public exhibition at Hadley Learning Centre on 15th January to promote their solar farm white elephant before giving themselves planning permission to build it.

TSolar Farmhe council initially claimed the solar farm would generate an estimated £5m “profit” over 25 years (£200k a year). Cllr McClements (the council’s magic money man) said that they would have to re-evaluate the business case after the government once again cut the feed in tariff for solar panels. The uncertain future of the feed in tariffs that make up 100% of the “profit” for the solar farm obviously isn’t enough to put off the man who’s earned himself the nickname “Gambler Bill” for his reckless spending of taxpayers’ money.

The money to build this solar farm will come from the taxpayer-funded Public Loans Board and the loan repayments, maintenance and running costs will be paid by the taxpayer. The solar panels won’t produce enough electricity to cover the cost of building and maintaining them so they will only make a “profit” for as long as the taxpayer-funded subsidy continues to be paid and at a high enough rate to cover the costs.

There is no profit to be made from this solar farm, it’s just moving taxpayers’ money from one place to another and the council has shown itself to be utterly incompetent at organising any commercial venture. The £200k a year “profit” is just pie in the sky and even if it weren’t, it wouldn’t even cover 4 months of councillors’ allowances and expenses!

This solar farm is not economically viable and should not be built.

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