Who are the people backing David Wright?

What have this young mum from Telford, the Managing Director of AFC Telford Utd and doctor from Madeley all got in common? Apart from backing David Wright, of course?

Alice Huda – “young mum from Telford” – says she’s backing David because many people are disillusioned with politics and politicians (but David is different) and because they’re promising 25 hours of “free” childcare (paid out of her own taxes). Alice is probably backing David because she is the daughter of Cllr Paul Watling, Labour borough councillor for Madeley and cabinet member for Children & Young People.

Lee Carter – “Managing Director, AFC Telford Utd” – says he’s backing David because he is a strong advocate of local business and an advocate of local organisations working together. Cllr Lee Carter is probably backing David because he’s a Labour town councillor for Wellington.

Dr Teresa McDonnell – “Church Close Surgery, Madeley” – says she’s backing David because she’s know him since before he was an MP and he has been a strong advocate for local health services. Dr McDonnell is probably backing David because she’s a Director of a company alongside her friend Labour Dawley councillor Clive Elliott.

A Labour councillor, a Labour councillor’s daughter and a Labour councillor’s business partner support Telford’s Labour MP. There’s a shocker.

David Wright leaflet

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