When we published our local policies on our website in 2012 we said we would make them available all the time, not just during election campaigns and we’ve stuck to that promise.

We’ve now replaced our old policies, mostly written in 2012 and tweaked along the way, with new policies brought right up-to-date to reflect new priorities and take into account the deals the Labour administration have done with big companies that tie the council in to contracts for years to come.

Whilst the Conservative and Labour local manifestos consist of a few bullet points and lots of empty space and pictures, we believe that residents want to see that promises have been thought out properly so our local manifesto is a bit wordier than those of the other two main parties.

We will be publishing our individual policy documents that give the detail behind the local manifesto throughout the run-up to the election to give you, the electorate, something more meaningful than the handful of bullet points offered by the other parties.

Download a copy of the UKIP Telford & Wrekin Local Manifesto.