Health & Social Care Policy

Health & Social Care Policy LogoWe are committed to saving both our hospitals and will work with partners to provide additional training and career opportunities to attract talent.

We will review the privatisation of adult social care in the borough with a view to bringing it back in-house at the earliest opportunity. Providing services to the most vulnerable in society is a public service, not a business opportunity.

We will improve care for the elderly and plug the gap in social care that leaves young adults with inadequate support. We will facilitate reward sharing so that community-led organisations who help the council and CCG hit their targets get to share in the financial rewards for doing so.

We will enhance post-16 transitionary support for youngsters leaving the care system and provide additional support for people leaving hospital to reduce re-admission rates.

We will invest in mental health services in the borough to bring down waiting times and improve outcomes. We will tackle the years of underinvestment in the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service that have led to a defensive triaging system that deprives vulnerable youngsters of the support they need.

We will work with the CCG and the NHS trust running our hospital to get the borough out of the bottom 10% for cancer survival rates.